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Nurse clinics

As vets we would like to emphasise how crucial preventive healthcare is. Our Nurses have a thorough working knowledge of preventive healthcare strategies and the Healthy Animal Matters Programme is an important aspect to the general well being of our patients. Many of these services are free of charge and nail clipping, microchipping, suture removal, some post operative checks and bandage changes can also be handled in the Nurse Clinics. Supervised by Emma Robinson and Helen Peel, they can provide advice and support for a variety of healthcare matters including the following: 

Diet and Weight Problems

In common with society in general, we are now seeing many more cases of obesity with the associated problems that this brings.There are higher risks of osteoarthritis, diabetes, liver, heart and skin disease in overweight pets. Careful advice on diet and weight loss can help as much as medical treatment for these problems and are an important aspect of their management.

Dental Care

Over 80% of dogs & cats in the UK are in need of dental attention. Most owners are unaware of problems because most pets don’t show clinical signs until they are very severe. Bad breath (halitosis) often appears late in the course of dental disease. We will provide a brief dental check free of charge to advise whether dental attention is required. 

Parasite Control

The hidden problems of parasites can cause a great deal of worry! For further information on parasites, please phone us and we'll be happy to offer free advice