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Fertility in cows is on the decline. As we push for higher milk yields heat expression declines, oocyte and embryo quality deteriorates and early embryonic deaths increase. 

The current estimation is that it costs between £2.40 and £4 for every day a cow is not in calf over 80 days post-calving (Calving interval >365days).

At Hampton Vets we offer a fertility service that ranges from routine fertility visits to full quarterly fertility consultancy. The benefits include:

  • Identifying non-pregnant animalsat 35 days post-service can significantly reduce your calving interval by picking up returns quicker.
  • Animals with poor heat expression can also be picked up and treated accordingly.
  • Post-natal checksare performed to ensure diagnosis of any infection or ovarian disease post calving.

Routine visits can also be used to discuss any herd or management problems with your vet, for example cell counts, nutrition or lameness.

If you would like to discuss this further please speak to Euan or Tonia on 01948 820345.