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Bleeding Calf Syndrome

As you may have heard there is a possible link between BVD vaccines and Bovine Neonatal Pancytopaenia (bleeding calf syndrome).

Despite this we still encourage vaccinating animals against BVD. The risk of BCS is 1 affected calf from approximately 20, 000 vaccinated cows. The risk of BVD is much greater: a recent study showed 95% of UK Dairy herds test positive to the disease and 65% have active infection. Economical losses result from reduced fertility, poor production and increased susceptibility to diseases.

If the disease is introduced to naïve pregnant animals huge economic losses can be incurred through the birth of persistently infected animals. These calves will then spread disease through the rest of the herd and will always give birth to persistently infected animals in the future.

Once the disease has established itself in the herd it is extremely difficult to eradicate so it is much better to prevent the production of persistently infected animals in the first place.