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Artificial Insemination 2014 Prices

                           AI package - prices for 2014 (excluding Vat)

Fresh or Chilled semen - £180 per cycle

Frozen semen - £257 per cycle

What is included:

  • an initial pre breeding examination
  • all scans associated with AI
  • the insemination procedure
  • routine intrauterine treatment post insemination ie 1L saline flushes and antibiotics
  • routine treatments with prostaglandin, oxytocin and an ovulating agent
  • pregnancy scans at 14-16, 21 and 30+ days
  • early management of twin pregnancy


Not included:

  • livery
  • non routine drugs eg sedation
  • additional litres of saline for uterine lavage
  • other procedures eg caslick, biopsy and swabbing
  • treatment of endometritis eg parenteral antibiotics

                               All treatments and scans carried out at the practice

                                    Please contact us for any advice or queries

                                                       01948 820345